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Premarital Sex Education & Counseling
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Thin Semen Watery Causes Treatment    

Before marriage every body should go for complete sex education & & must know about the minutest details about the sexual matters so that one goes for sexual life with full knowledge & confidence.
We have team of specialist doctors & sex educators & sex counselors who provide the sex education to every individual. The knowledge of sexuality so low in most people that, many persons did not had bare minimum knowledge about sex matters. So we provide stepwise complete knowledge of all sex matters at our centre by complete sex education material.

Sex education is provided by various audio-visual, written sex education materials & with artificial sex organs. It takes approximately two hour in one sitting to be fully knowledgeable of sexuality. Once the person gets complete authentic scientific knowledge, his fears about sex disappears.

He or she approaches the future sex life with more confidence & the chances of failure in sex life becomes negligible.

Due to lack of this knowledge many people suffers with various kinds of fears & life long inferiority complex. Even their carrier suffers due to constantly worrying about the sexual matters. 

The various aspects on which we provide sex counseling are: 

1.) Sex education Material both in printed format as well as photographic presentation by which patient is given all the information about sex.
2.) Patient is explained normal anatomy of the male & female genitals.
3.) We explain how erection occurs & it remains hard until the completion of sexual act.
4.) How one should excite the women to prepare her for the sexual intercourse i.e. foreplay?
5.) How to penetrate i.e. enter the vagina for first time. Because there are various techniques & postures in which penetration is very easy. Due to lack of this knowledge many patient suffer with first night sexual failure? 
6.) . How to keep your erection rock hard & staying for prolong period of time?
7.) How to satisfy the women?

8.) How to make women multi-orgasmic?
9.) What is clitoris, how to locate it & how to stimulate so that you can give the maximum enjoyment to women & other very sexually arousable areas of women body?
10.) We provide complete knowledge about misconceptions in sex matters.
11.) How to do the sex? 
12.) How to do sex better?
13.) Various techniques taught for best sexual intercourse? 
14.) Oral sex (Cunnilingus & Annilingus)?
15.) Knowledge about clitoris & its role in female sexual satisfaction?
17.) Discussion about normal anatomy, physiology of vulva, vagina, uterus?
18.) Discussion about frequency of intercourse & orgasm in female?
19.) Discussion about various postures & techniques of intercourse.
20.) Discussion about uses of sex toys.
21.) Discussion about fantasies during sexual intercourse.
22.) Other Sex related queries.
23.) We discuss & manage cases related to: 
(i) Dhat i.e. whitish / (semen like) discharge in urine during defecation, urination or other time). 
(ii) Watery liquid secretion from penis before sex or during thinking of sex, sometime leading to loss of erection.
(ii) Weakness after sex or masturbation. (Post ejaculatory asthenia) 
(iii) Night falls / nocturnal emission (Semen discharge during sleep). 
(iv) Bent or angulations of penis, leading to difficulty in sex or pain during sex. 
(v) Pain in penis or testicles, or change in size of testis or scrotum. 
vii) Prominent blue veins on penis 
(viii) Multiple growths on penis, which occurs on base of glans in one or two row. They are pearl like small asymptomatic growth. They are called pearly penile papule. 
(ix) Management of masturbation related problems (hand practices i.e. self stimulatory discharge of semen. 
24) Oozing out of watery secretion from tip of penis during or before sex. 
25) Night fall (Nocturnal emission) Semen passing in urine,
26) Prominence of large / blue veins over penis. 
27) Abnormal shape of penis like thin at one place & thick at other.
28) Small testis & or under developed small scrotum.
29) Shrunken Penis / or hidden penis / Lifeless (like dead & soft) penis. 
30) Loosely hanging scrotum/Loose scrotum. 
31) Thin semen, yellow semen & its relation to blood loss. 
32) Pain in testis & scrotum, 
33)Stress & sex
34) Food & sex
35)Safe sex
36) Contraception
37)What women like during sex
38)What boys/men like during coitus 
39)What makes men sexually turned on or turn off
40)What makes women sexually turned on or turn off
41)How to make every sex experience as new & more enjoying
42)How to avoid boredom in sex life
43)What should be ideal time for sex?
44)Erogenous zones of male & female body
45 )How to last longer
46)What are the best postures for great sex

Who needs premarital sex education? 
Every body should meet the sex expert before indulging in sexual activity.


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