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Investigation for Systemic Diseases

Other tests which may be required depending on likelihood of the any of above causes.Detailed Sex Counseling: 
Detailed sex counseling session, in which our male & female sex counselors meet with respective patient, talking in detail resulting in detection of primary cause leading to low sex desire.
IN BiochemistryTests as liver function or kidney function tests are done.
These tests confirm the diagnosis of low sex desire confirmed.

Treatment: After the diagnosis of cause of low sex desire is made, treatment includes medicines to cure the basic cause. 
(1) Hormone Therapy: When female sex hormone deficiency is found or disorder of other glands the correction of hormone dysfunction is done. Hormone therapy is very effective in curing low sex desire, when hormone is the cause for low desire. It is given in the form of oral tablets. Skin cream, local application of gels. These medicines are given in well tested prescribed doses as described in authentic textbooks. Some hormone precursors have also been used for increasing sex drive in many patients in whom no hormone disorder is found.
(2) Gonadotropin therapy is also very effective in cases of GNRH deficiency.
Gonadotropin releasing hormone therapy is effective in many cases.
(3) Treat other systemic disease when they are detected.  
(4) Treatment of chronic asthenia is done by replacement of antiasthenic drug with good results.
(5) Treatment of Urogenital infection balanitis, prostatitis, and epididymitis gives immediate relief & very dramatic increase in sex desire.
(6) Stop Offending drugs which patients is consuming is identified after detailed history & drug challenge is discontinued with permanent cure of the low libido disorder
(7) Treatment of psychiatric disorder are diagnosed & treated.
(8) Oral supplement of DHEAS is also effective.
(9) Treatment of sex center disorder: In cases of low libido due to sex center disorder there are many drugs, which improve the libido like hormone precursors, sex center stimulator drugs. These drugs act on sex center & correct the biochemical defect in sex center, leading return of the libido.
(10) Sex therapy is offered in which we teach the patient about the various techniques in such a way that it increase the enjoyment of body touch better excitation & arousal in female. This leads to good lubrication of vagina thus women enjoys the sex more pleasurable. Due to this more enjoyment of sex leads to women getting orgasm more often. All this improves the desire of sex as well as enjoyment of sex.

Response of Treatment

When treated is started after the diagnosis of cause. After appropriate drug therapy, sex education & sex therapy patient recover in two months time. The sexual desire of patient recovers. After return of libido to normal her family relationship also normalizes.

Side Effects

It has no side effects if given in proper doses and in-patients when it is really indicated. This it is absolutely safe when given by our qualified doctors, in proper doses.

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