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Pain during penis entry in vagina / Vaginismus/ Vulvodynia

Pain during penis entry in vagina called entry dyspareunia. Entry dyspareunia that lasts for a short period of time (days to weeks) is probably common due to fear or inexperience in sex or vaginal irritation as a consequence of infection or allergy.

Persistent entry dyspareunia only occurs due to any of the three below mentioned causes. These three problems probably account for most cases of pain, discomfort, or fear of intercourse in women:

• Vaginismus

• dryness of vagina due to hormonal or other reasons

• Vulvodynia

• Vulvar infection or allergy

1.Vulvodynia is a Vulvar Disease  to describe any chronic discomfort or pain in the vulvar region regardless of  etiology and not necessarily related to sexual activity.

2. Vaginismus “vaginal spasm”  causing pain during penetration so much so that penetration may be impossible. The two often occur together. For example, when intercourse is attempted in the context of vaginismus, patients usually complain of pain (although fear of pain may be much more prominent). Likewise, when persistent painful intercourse occurs for reasons other than vaginismus, it is clinically commonplace to see associated vaginal spasm. In such instances, vaginal spasm seemingly functions as a symptomatic and defensive (usually involuntary) reaction of the woman to protect herself against anticipated pain.

3. Vulvar vestibulitis i.e. infections in & around vulva & vaginal entry

VAGINIMUS. Vaginismus is a disorder in which involuntary tensing of the vagina sends it into spasms. This makes vaginal penetration impossible or at the very least, extremely difficult. In this disease whenever a sexual approach is made to the affected woman, the muscles round the opening of her vagina close down like a mouth saying ‘No! She doesn’t mean this to happen, but she can’t help it. Indeed, she probably doesn’t know it’s occurring at all. To her, it seem as though her vagina is tremendously narrow, or painful, or as if there’s some obstruction (like the hymen, or virgin’s veil) preventing the penis from getting in. Of course, there isn’t a physical barrier and the whole problem is caused by fear induced muscular spasm. This is aggravated by dryness of the vagina, because only when a woman is both relaxed and sexually excited will the love juices flow. 

Vaginismus is a very frustrating condition in which a woman’s pelvic muscles (which are around the lower vagina) , which also surrounds the opening of the vagina, tightens up  with spasm & may be with significant pain the moment partner tries to insert his penis and the woman’s partner cannot enter her. The male partner  gets feeling as if there is no opening or it closes after entering a while.  Vaginismus can be caused but anxiety, lack of sexual knowledge, sexual trauma, or sexual abuse in childhood.

Masters & Johnsons say that “vaginismus is a condition in which the muscles around the outer third of the vagina have involuntary spasms in response to attempts at vaginal penetration. Females of any age can be affected-she may feel as if vaginal opening is clamped shut, preventing not only intercourse, but even insertion of finger-the frequency of vaginismus account for less than 10 percent of cases of female sexual dysfunction-that is 2 to 3 percent of all post adolescent women have vaginismus”. Most women with this condition suffer excessive anxiety

In cases of pain during sexual intercourse needed at first to finds out their causes. Whether they were organic (physical illness or medical factors such as injury, illness or drug effects), or psycho – social (including psychological, interpersonal, environmental, or cultural factors etc.)

In vaginismus pain or fear associated with attempts at intercourse have always existed, the history is often that of an unconsummated marriage. Not only has a man’s penis never entered her vagina, but the same story is also heard concerning her own, or her partner’s fingers, tampons or a physician’s fingers or speculum. Alternatively, vaginal entry of a current or previous partner’s penis may have taken place but pain persisted through much of the experience of intercourse. Prior to intercourse attempts (e.g., in the premarital period when a woman resolutely decides against having intercourse before marriage), she often found herself sexually interested, wet, and possibly orgasmic. While this response may have continued in the short run (e.g., after marriage), the pattern may have altered in the long run as a result of pain and fear connected to present attempts at penile entry. In such a situation, women typically feel self-deprecatory, saying that they feel “abnormal” as women and as a marital and sexual partner.

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I Rakhi ( name changed) from Uttar Pradesh was unable to have sex after marriage due to severe pain during penetration of penis. I had developed so much phobia of pain that even imagination of sex used to make me switch off.

One day we reached to hormone centre Dr B.K . ROY after seeing his website. He diagnosed it as vaginal spasm then prescribed some medicine & sex therapy. After two months treatment we are able to have normal sex. Now we both are happy.

Rakhi & Vinod
Uttar Pradesh



My name Sheela ( not real name) 21 years I took two year hormone therapy for my small breast size from Dr. K. Roy hormone centre delhi. My size has increased from 30 inches to now 34 inches.

Now I feel much confident in interacting with friends. Previously I was fed up with wearing padded braw. I was unable to go to swimming pool due to this complex. To my surprise treatment was not costly also.

I wish I had taken treatment earlier so that those suffering could have been avoided.



Finally after one month of medicine & sex therapy exercises which we performed under guidance of dr b k roy I got orgasm during sex for the first time 12 year after marriage.Now for last one month I am getting regular orgasm. Previously I used to engaze in vaginal sex & other sexual activity foe husband satisfaction. It was a kind of routine activity for me because I never felt the peak of sex enjoyment. Now once I am getting the orgasm then I am realizing how much fun I have missed in last 12 years. Now my desire for sex has also increased.
New Delhi



I am very thankful to dr b k roy for diagnosing & curing my dry vagina problem. I noticed this problem of dry vagina on very first night after marriage which continued on honeymoon too. Due to this dry vagina I was unable to enjoy the intercourse. Even my sex desire had decreased. Some times I used to get pain during sex. On vestigation I was detected that I have , hormone problem & associated psychological fear of sex. For this he prescribed me hormone therapy, sex counseling & sex therapies. After three months of treatment now I am fully cured.
Thank you dr roy for the help
Your patient (I do not want to write my name)



Thanks to you dr roy, by your medical treatment & home exercises advised by u , now I am able to reach peak enjoyment many times during intercourse last month. I never thought I'll be ever able to enjoy my sex life ever. But after your advice my sex life & husband wife relationship has drastically improved. Now I get orgasm in more than 50% time intercourse.
Surbhi (name changed



I was not getting any enjoyment during sex with my husband. So much so that my sex desire had gone very low. this has led to our disturbed husband wife relationship.
Then we met dr b k roy at hormone centre delhi. On investigation it was found that one of my sex hormone was disturbed. I took six months treatment which cured my hormone problem & also I started enjoying sexual activity .now my sex life is absolutely normal.
Sunita ( name changed)


I am really thankful to dr roy, under his guidance by relaxation exercise,
acupressure, & sex therapy my vaginal pain has markedly decreased & now we are having satisfactory sex life



I was suffering with dryness of vagina along with associated pain & less enjoyment during physical intimacy with my husband. This problem was making me tense & less interested in penetrative vaginal intercourse. But after four month of hormone treatment at hormone centre Noida centre & some sex therapy exerciss now I am absultely becoming wet during foreplay & sex . now I am enjoying sex a lot & relieved of my such an old problem
Srika Dubey
Gurgaon Gurugram


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